Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes it's not the sausages

P and I were gossiping about the Republicans' version of health care reform: 

"Their plan is a joke," P seethed.  "Barely anyone would gain coverage."

"Expanding coverage is not their goal," I agreed.  "The uninsured could be ground up into sausages for all they care."

P took another sip of gin.  "Speaking of sausages," she said, "there was a sausage factory in the news recently.  The smell from the factory was terrible, and all the neighbors were complaining.  Inspectors arrived and ordered the factory to clean its pipes.  The pipes were purged, but the stench remained.  More inspectors and more pipe cleanings followed.  This went on for months.  The factory's owner was beside himself.  'We got the cleanest pipes anywhere,' he moaned.  'We spend a fortune cleaning them all the time!'  Finally, the mystery was solved:  Eleven dead bodies were discovered in the house next door."

The three most important things when you're a serial killer:  Location, location, location.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm Sausage!