Wednesday, February 3, 2010 The bargains are insane has over 2 million products online, many at deep discounts.  A model of capitalist enterprise, Overstock will sell ANYTHING, including The Communist Manifesto ($5.65) and The End of Capitalism ($14.94).  Overstock even sells books about NOT buying things, like The Frugal Life ($8.45) and The Everyday Cheapskate's Greatest Tips ($10.04).  I love irony, but this is madness!  Three words for aspiring tightwads and communists:  Public library card.

But sometimes you do need to buy something, and that's where Overstock comes in handy.  For example, their selection of coffins starts at $1,099.99.  This is a real bargain, as the average casket in the U.S. costs over $2000.  The "Mom Remembered" casket gets top ratings (5 out of 5 stars) from Overstock customers, one of whom is very glad to have buried her mother-in-law in it.  She raves: "I WILL PURCHASE FROM OVERSTOCK AGAIN IN THE FUTURE." 

And thrifty horndogs will find that Overstock carries nearly 1500 sex toys, 276 of which are priced under $15.  Their cheapest thrill:
Dr. Joel Kaplan's Erection Lasso
$16.65  $7.99 (You Save 52%!)
It's not clear how this item works, but Overstock delicately informs me that this "intimacy device is fully adjustable" and "sized to fit all."  So no worries there.  But buyer beware:  "Due to the personal nature of this product we do not accept returns."

I called Overstock to ask what their most unusual item is.  My helpful customer service agent replied:
"Gosh, I don't know, we sell so many weird things.  And some of the customers are really strange too.  I get calls from people who can't figure out how the sex toys work, and I have to talk them through it.  'Strap it on this way, stick it in that hole,' I have to tell them.  It's so awkward!  I'm not paid enough for this."
Overstock - a great place for confused shoppers of all kinds.