Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Communication breakdown

My friend E sent me a bewildering email response:  OMG LOL JPMP!

WTF does JPMP mean? I immediately phoned my husband, who is much savvier and cooler than me. But he, too, was puzzled.

Depressed, I hung up - now I would need to ask E what it meant. E has worked so hard to bring me into the 21st century.  Once again, I was proving a huge disappointment.

Suddenly I remembered E drilling me on the latest internet slang.  I grabbed the phone and proudly told my husband: "Just Pooped My Pants!"

"Pet," he said tenderly. "It's okay. These things happen."

"What?  No!" I shrieked. "That's what JPMP means!"

"Oh, thank God!" he replied. "I was really wondering about you there."


Hillary said...

Happy Birthday to the blogosphere's most influential author since Perez Hilton. Lead us, oh great one!

Qui said...

HI Susan,
From and old friend (Qui). Thanks for enviting me to visit your blog. Enjoyed the stories, keep 'em coming. I would like a picture of you now that you are under 4 inches thick. :)

Susan said...

Qui, I am really not so skinny, just proportional to my height. Imagine me as I was in high school, then add wrinkles and sagging parts.