Friday, March 26, 2010

All aboard the Sucker Express

Early one morning in New York City, I was waiting for the subway. Like everyone else on the platform, I was headed to work. We were all tired. In silence, we waited for the train to take us to work.

Then a man appeared. He was dirty, and his clothes were rags. He strode down the platform, grinning ear to ear and shouting gleefully: "You're all a bunch of suckers! A bunch of fucking suckers! You're all a bunch of FUCKING SUCKERS!!!"

People ignored him. But I was listening! I wanted to call out: "People, he's right! This man is a prophet! We ARE a bunch of fucking suckers!"

But I said nothing. I just went to work, and I'm still a fucking sucker.


missmo said...

Ha ha haaaaaaa! Isn't it funny when the "crazy" people seem to make sense than all of the alleged sane people?

Susan said...

Yes! That guy was a real-life sage, I'm telling you!